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Since the global financial crisis, there has been a strong demand for physical assets investments such as properties, fine wines and art. At Asia Bankers Club, we offer a range of opportunities within this investment area to provide you with the knowledge and the connections needed when entering this market. What makes us unique is that we connect you to the best deals available from a wide range of resources, and further assist you in organizing your alternative investment portfolio. We are committed to keeping you constantly updated on your investments and delivering accurate information efficiently.

Invest in Chiang Mai Houses: Burasiri by Sansiri from HKD1.9M

Jan 2020
Private Consultation

Imagine this: your very own 2-storey house (net floor area 1,378 – 1,711 sq.ft.) sitting on freehold land, large garden with landscaping. 3-bedroom. 3-bathroom. 2-parking lot. Fully equipped kitchen. Access to your private club house with swimming pool, gym & other facilities. All of this from just HKD1,900,000 in Chiang Mai.

Wouldn’t you consider making Chiang Mai your second home?