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Since the global financial crisis, there has been a strong demand for physical assets investments such as properties, fine wines and art. At Asia Bankers Club, we offer a range of opportunities within this investment area to provide you with the knowledge and the connections needed when entering this market. What makes us unique is that we connect you to the best deals available from a wide range of resources, and further assist you in organizing your alternative investment portfolio. We are committed to keeping you constantly updated on your investments and delivering accurate information efficiently.

[Manchester Property Seminar] Colliers Yard, An Upcoming Icon that Celebrates Manchester’s Historic Importance

28-29 May, 2022
Salon 5 - 6 , JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, 88 Queensway Admiralty

Following the success of Deansgate Square, the locally loved developer Renaker is back with another masterpiece - Colliers Yard. Just like Deansgate Square, Colliers Yard is set to becoming an exciting neighbourhood in the heart of the city, bringing together proud historic roots and modern design. It is a masterplan comprised of high-quality public realm, including a new landscaped public park, a tree-lined boulevard and a public square, alongside a vibrant mix of independent retail and leisure operators. The Greengate area is set on its regeneration as well, providing the local community with a new environment and new experiences. With that being said, these have all laid a firm foundation for Colliers Yard's investment potential, among the favourable investment environment of Manchester that has been delivering promising results in recent years. Join us for a detailed explanation on Manchester's potential and more specifically, "The Renaker Effect", on how Renaker has been working its magic on its developments.