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As a member of the Asia Bankers Club, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

Monthly Members Night

Networking opportunities on this exclusive platform for your professional and personal network growth, connecting you to professionals and investors across the finance and other industries.

Lifestyle Event Invitations

We partner with different luxury brands exclusively for our members to host variety of lifestyle events throughout the year. Through such events, our members have the opportunity to experience and engage brands and like-minded individuals differently.

Priority Investment Access

Through our vast network of members and associates, we have access to private and rare off-market investment deals that are not made available to the general public. As a member, you will have access to high quality physical asset investment products.

Exclusive Investment Seminars

Our members have access to a range of private and exclusive informative seminars that are not otherwise open to members of the public. Our informative seminars cover much of the recent market updates from diversified physical assets investment opportunities including wine, whisky, timepieces, fine arts, jewelry, commercial & residential real estate projects, etc.

Personalized privileges and experiences

We work closely with our different brand and investment partners in providing tailored experiences and membership privileges to our members.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

A dedicated Relationship Manager will be allocated to manage our members’ accounts and will be available to provide detailed investment updates and comprehensive strategy analysis on how to maintain a well-balanced and profitable investment portfolio.

Membership Criteria

Membership to the Asia Bankers Club is by invitation or nomination from an existing member or from the Club’s relationship manager/director. Alternatively, interested individuals are able to submit their applications to the Club for review. All successful applications are subject to the annual membership fee of HK$5,800.

Additionally, the Club allocates an annual quota of membership positions to qualified individuals to apply. We welcome membership applications from individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Individuals with a profession in the banking and finance industry
  • Individuals with a profession in industries related to banking and finance, such as law and accounting sectors
  • Individuals who have invested in physical assets through us of a value exceeding USD500,000

*Buyers who have invested with us could be reviewed by our team and have the HK$5,800 annual fee waived to become a member.
*Membership approval is subject to the final decision of the management of Asia Bankers Club.


Please let us know your interest(s):

Nominated by

Nomination is not compulsory but having an existing member to nominate you will secure you higher membership tier at Asia Bankers Club.

Membership application is subject to the final approval of the management of Asia Bankers Club.

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