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With the current investment trends pointing towards Vietnam as a result of intense international trade discussions, not many are well-informed as to how to evaluate and how to go about this promising investment opportunity. Asia Bankers Club is offering free private consultation sessions for investors looking to make the move to the beautiful Hanoi / HCMC / Danang / Hai Phong of Vietnam. Feel free and contact us for a free private education session where we can provide you details on Vietnam’s market, the process and tips on where to invest.

Ho Chi Minh City
742 - 1,969 sq.ft.
2-BR, 3-BR, Duplex, Penthouses
3,500,000 +
Ho Chi Minh City
2,120.49 - 5,683.34 sq.ft.
3-BR, 4-BR, Penthouse
On Request
Filmore Real Estate Development
516 - 1,345 sq. ft.
1-BR, 2-BR, Dual Key, Sky Terrace, 3-BR Loft
6,332,796,391 +
Hai Phong
BRG Group
514.29 - 1,323.96 sq. ft.
1-BR, 2-BR, 3-BR
3,364,501,977 +
Trung Thuy Group and Toshin Development of Takashimaya Group
484 - 1,668 sq. ft.
Studio, 2-BR, 3-BR, 4-BR, Dual Key, Penthouse
4,317,815,721 +
Ho Chi Minh City
Masterise Homes (Marriott Branded Residences)
499.98 - 1,714.36 sq. ft.
Studio, 1-BR, 2-BR, 3-BR & Dual Key
19,914,900,000 +
Hi Brand Co Ltd (Korean Developer)
581 - 1,417 sq. ft.
2-BR, 3-BR
3,454,252,577 +
MIK Group
301.38 - 818.05 sq. ft.
Studio, 1-BR, 2-BR, 3-BR
2,302,835,051 +
Hai Phong
Fujita (Owned by Daiwa House Group) & Takara Leben
440.24 - 1,198.02 sq. ft.
1-BR, 2-BR, 3-BR
2,878,543,814 +
Ho Chi Minh City
City Garden JSC & Swire Properties
608.37 - 1,997.02 sq. ft.
1-BR, 2-BR, 3-BR, 4-BR, Penthouse
9,211,340,206 +
Ho Chi Minh City
Hongkong Land
484.37 - 2,690.98 sq. ft.
1-BR, 2-BR, 3-BR, 4-BR, Penthouse
7,484,201,712 +