Viadux, Manchester, UK, Construction Update

Viadux, Site Progress Update, March 2024

Completion Progress

The Progress

  • Gym and cinema are near completion. 
  • Karaoke room due to finish early March. 
  • Lighting and ducting material priced and instructed. 
  • Pool on final stage. 
  • Podium façades nearly fully cladded. 
  • Pre-occupational conditions to be discharged. 

Viadux, Site Progress Update, February 2024

Completion Progress

The Progress

  • Gym finishes completing this month. 
  • White circle to fit out interior in the gym, cinema and karaoke room. 
  • Aquarium to be filled with fish. 
  • Furniture, fixture and equipment for amenity spaces are procuring, including artworks and rugs. 
  • Lighting and ducting will be priced and instructed. 
  • Benches and lounges to be procured for swimming pool. 
  • Building snagging up on 35th floor to be complete.

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