Physical Asset Investments

Physical asset or alternative investment products are the linchpin of a successful investment portfolio as they can enhance portfolio returns or reduce portfolio risk. Moreover, you can derive personal pleasure from its aesthetic qualities, while enjoying an investment benefit as the product accrues value.

Global Properties

Real estate investments are a vital component of a successful investment portfolio. As real estate returns have relatively low correlations with other asset classes, they provide diversification and risk minimization to a group of assets.
With other benefits such as strong and consistent yields and inflation hedge, real estate investments provide investors with a well-balanced basket of wealth management and generation assets.

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Networking Opportunities

The Asia Bankers Club is a private membership network and is by invitation only.

Members are selectively invited through private invitations from the board of directors and partners and by nominations and recommendations of existing members.

The stringent member recruitment process ensures an association of like-minded professionals with potential to form personal and business alliances through networking and private events organized by the Club.