Private Consultation – Tips on Investing in Vietnam for 1st Time Investors

May - June 2019 Hong Kong
Free but booking is required

With the current investment trends pointing towards Vietnam as a result of intense international trade discussions, not many are well-informed as to how to evaluate and how to go about this promising investment opportunity.

Asia Bankers Club is offering free private consultation sessions for many of its existing and new investors looking to make the move to the beautiful Hanoi / HCMC of Vietnam.

Vietnam opened its door to foreign property investors in 2015, and has since become a favorite destination for foreign investors.  High GDP growth, unprecedented expansion of the middle class and township development are fueling the housing markets of Vietnam.

Vietnam is on a strong upward trajectory supported by the government’s commitment in infrastructure projects, such as the MRT system, airport expansion and the new CBD which are deemed to complete in coming years.

So, if you are a first time buyer, where do you start?

How can someone from Hong Kong be able to purchase a condo overseas in Vietnam?

What is the process and how safe is it?

Feel free and contact us for a free private education session where we can provide you details on Vietnam’s market, the process and tips on where to invest. Register your interest now or reach us at +852 3998 3001.


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Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in one of the fastest growing economy!

*Projected yield is not guaranteed. Prices are for reference only. Terms & conditions apply.





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